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Birth of a new Foal
October 8th - 9 days before foaling. Ugenie is huge and uncomfortable. She is keeping us awake at all hours of the night as the foal is very active.
October 17th - after some determined marching around the foaling paddock for 3 hours, Ugenie finally starts to lay down and begins active labour. Shortly after the foal membranes start to appear. Ugenie chose to deliver in the soft dirt under her favourite tree, which was a little bit messy but didn't cause any problems. 
The foal makes a first appearance (left) with 2 front feet presenting - always a good sign. If you look closely you can see the protective padding on the foals feet which prevents damage to the mare from hard little hooves during delivery. Shortly after the foals head begins to emerge. At this stage Ugenie needed a little assistance to deliver the head and shoulders.
She's here and its a filly. Ugenie lays quietly and rests while the foal takes her first look at the world.
Ugenie takes a first look at her new arrival. This is her first foal and it is love at first sight!
A strong healthy foal, she quickly starts to try out her legs. After a few false starts she finds her balance. Success!
Mother & Daughter bonding. 24 hours old - she is already starting to grow and fill out.
A quick drink before dinner-time followed by a snooze. 

At one day old, she is strong and healthy - running, kicking and playing. A breeder's dream.


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